Riverside Family Chiropractic Columbus Ohio Grand Opening

Riverside Family Chiropractic, which is apart of the Maximized living network has opened up shop in Columbus Ohio.

Dr. Lee owns and operates the newly opened chiropractic office, which takes a slightly different approach to healing patients.  Riverside Family Chiropractic focuses not only on spinal health, but on your overall health.


Doctors that are apart of the maximized living network believe that there are 5 essentials to living a healthy life.

The 5 Healthy Lifestyle Essentials

  • Maximized Mind
  • Maximized Nerve Supply
  • Maximized Quality Nutrition
  • Maximized Oxygen And Lean Muscle
  • Minimized Toxins

Dr. Lee works with his patients to improve these 5 areas of their lives, and is now offering a special promotion to celebrate his newly launched Columbus business.

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Riverside Family Chiropractic
Address: 10248 Sawmill Pkwy., Columbus OH 43065 United States
Phone: 614-389-4945
Website: http://www.riversidefamchiro.com/

InstaStyle Photo Booth Rentals Comes to Columbus

InstaStyle Photo Booth Rentals is a newly launched photo booth rental company located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Founded by local wedding photographers Ben & Les Hartley after noticing the poor quality of other photo booth rentals in the area, InstaStyle photo booths aims to deliver a higher end experience to customers renting the booth for their weddings and events.

InstaStyle photo booths are not your typical big ugly black box that only fits 2 people

All photo booths can have more than 20+ people in it any one time and use high quality DSLR cameras and professional lighting to capture stunning images. All of the booths come with touch screen LCD monitors that enable guests to print their newly captured photos, or record HD video messages.

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Columbus Photo Booth Rental

You can find more information on how InstaStyle is improving the rental experience by visiting their office at the address listed below, or by visiting their website.

InstaStyle Photo Booth Rentals
Phone: (567) 343-2501
Address: 1247 N High St. Columbus, OH 43201
Website: InstaStylePhotoBooth.com